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The book about Soul Language

By Christine Koetsier

A management book in the area of organizational development, talent management and personal development. 


Archetypical Soul Language for the Business Arena brings a tool or understanding why certain organizations are functioning in such a harmonized way and how to make other organizations work better.  Archetypical Soul Language for the Business Arena brings seven archetypes.  Archetypes characterizing different groups and organizations that all speak their unique soul language, in a similar way as individuals, listening to their Inner Voice. 


In the Harmonized Organization, all archetypical roles are balanced.


It is tomorrow’s organization where all people work in ultimate flow, in alignment with the DNA of the organization, its Soul Role and Soul Goal.  In the Harmonized Organization, Soul Language is part of the strategic toolkit of the leadership team, where it is recognized as a tool to enhance its growth.

Insight -

Archetypical Soul Language for the Business Arena

“Archetypical Soul Language for the Business Arena” invites you to think about an organization having a soul.

Also, it invites you to think of an organization being an expression of an archetype, just like individuals have a soul, have a certain archetype and speak their unique soul language. For any organization the same idea applies. In this book this concept is being introduced to you.


In the course of my career as executive searcher I had a growing awareness that I was missing something.

Quite often I was interviewing people who had a low awareness of which role they played in their lives. That made me look for the language that we can detect and use to decode a person’s deeper motivations, on a soul level. And then I found it. Soul language does that. And different people may use different types of soul language, as they may be different archetypes.I then trained myself in understanding more about different types of people and their basic energy, about their archetype and soul role. I studied how the experiences in their career matched that basic energy.


Was it actually matching the Role looked for, or better, matching the Role already played? I experienced people stepping in their Role after finding the the right organization, by understanding what their Role is on soul level. And as a result, they ended up maximizing their contribution to the organization they work for and living their full soul purpose. And over the years I started to see better and better how organizations are an expression of an archetype too. And how important it is for organizations to bring people in whose soul language matches that of the organization. These key people can continue to shape growth for the organization in the context of that archetype. This is all beyond a skill set, experience and personality. This is also beyond gender. This is about being part of the DNA of an organization. It is soul driven and therefore when soul language becomes the organizational language and is being spoken in a positive way, it creates infinite possibilities for sustainable growth.


On both an individual and organizational level. The book offers in-depth information on how to raise awareness about archetypical characteristics and the language that organizations speak. In the first part of the book, all seven archetypes, their essence, soul role and different elements are described in detail. All archetypical descriptions, from Healer to Artist, Warrior, Scholar, Counsel, Priest and King are supported by practical examples of business leaders. In the second and bigger half of the book, the attention is turned towards today’s organizations. The Soul Grid is introduced, giving insight in the Archetypes of Organizations and their Soul Language. The book concludes with strategic concepts on how organizational soul language can harmonize organizations in tomorrow’s business arena.

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