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About Christine


This difficult period  taught me to stay positive, also I reflected deeply about human strengths and motivations.  These attributes would help me a great deal when, after the miracle that gave me back the use of my right arm, I served for the first half of my early career in managerial and professional positions. My biggest playground,  however,  came later when I entered the field of executive search, where I worked more then ten years with a top tier global company. Here,  I was able to refine my insights and knowledge on human systems, particularly with respect to the harmonization of the masculine and the feminine energies in the business arena. It also enabled me to build a deep network across the world. All those wonderful relationships now serve me to progress the message I want to bring, and the responsibility I feel to do so, which is to learn and spread knowledge on soul language in organizations so they can start to function better.

Having been born the Benjamin amidst a large family,  I spent my yonger years horseback riding, all hours after school.

I learned about competition and, as it happened, also about winning.  My fascination by nature -a gift from my parents- steered me towards studying botany which made me aware of the many biological systems around us. My interests emerged in the business world, however, when I strove to understand also systems and structures of human,  nature economics and business administration.  Then, just before I could embark on a career, an accident happened that would effect my life for the next five years.


What Christine stands for

Know your role

Know your goal

Know when you act from the negative or positive side of your qualities

Then, you can find your groove

Then, you can fulfil what you’ve come here to do

Then, you can be of service of our planet

In the most effective way

In the most loving way

In the most healthy way

It starts with our collective belief

It starts with our collective trust

It starts with you





You can be leading, yet that doesn’t make you a Leader

Men are organized in a linear way and women in a circular way

Your Soul-Lution will always be harmonizing and have a spiritual aspect


Provoking thoughts

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