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Christine created the The GeoWomenIndex (“Index”).


The Index is a ranking of the female industry leaders in the global business arena based on their influence on the local, regional and global markets and in the context of leading with a contribution to our future.


The Index  is a ranking of the leading 100

women in 10 industries for each given country.

The Index is currently designed for 25 countries

in five business regions. 


Today Christine recognizes the landscape is only slowly changing at the top of our global businesses.



Therefore,  the Index,  with its unique method,  is more relevant than ever.


The GeoWomenIndex  ranks women from listed and non-listed companies.  The women break the walls of power and move from powerful to influential. The Index ranks the most important women in different roles within the most important industries instead of focusing on top women across different industries,  is ranking Executive Board members and Executive Directors over Non-Executive Directors because business need to be led by the Board Members and not by the Non-Executives.  The Index is open for sponsors and partners.

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